Fun afternoon at Yangmei 楊梅

For some time already one of our "fans" has been asking me to join some of the activities that she and her daughter attend. Finally last week Ania and I decided to join Miss Dou and other moms and kids at an outing in Yangmei 楊梅.

Right after Ania's gymnastics class we drove to pick up Miss Dou and her daughter 獎獎. Together we drove to Yangmei which is about an hour away from Xindian. There we met with other families and many, many little kids. One of the families was so kind as to let everybody visit their house and treat us to a wonderful traditional Hakka 客家 lunch. The food was delicious!

After everyone, from the youngest to the eldest, has filled their tummies it was time for kids to play.
Ania enjoyed driving the Big Car:

Next it was time for a walk to a nearby farm. We all tried to keep our balance when walking between the fields:

When we got to the farm Ania was surprised to see all the cows and calves (it might have been first time for her to be so close to a cow or calf).

At the end Ania got used to the calves and even tried to feed them some grass:

To end our field trip with a bit of play kids could run around the playground, go down the slide and just do what they wanted to.

Here are a few more pictures from our walk back:

The last picture is of a beautiful traditional Hakka house of our hosts:


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