Science game by Jaś

It took for ever to finish this game! 
I came up with the idea of making a science game right after we finished studying "The Usborne Science Encyclopedia".

Jaś liked the idea and quickly started thinking what form the game should take. After a bit of deliberation we decided to make it into a quiz. 
Now the long process of typing up the questions awaited Jaś. It took many days, even weeks to finish that task as Jaś is ... not very familiar with typing.

After printing out the questions and cutting them out, Jaś had to handwrite all the answers on the back of the cards. That took another few weeks :-)

Now all the cards were ready and it was time to come up with the design for the game board. He couldn't decide how he wanted the players to move around the board. Eventually we ended up making a simple board with tiles of different colours. There are 51 tiles altogether, half of them are green, 1/4 are yellow and rest are different colours. 

Landing on almost all the tiles requires answering a question from a stack of question cards. When the player stops at a green tile he gets 1 point for a correct answer, when he lands on a yellow tile - 2 points, on a brown one - 3 points. There are also tiles stepping on which one looses a turn, throws die again, catches up to the leader or is send to the beginning of the game for giving a wrong answer.

We will have to find time to try out this game soon!

What do you think of Jaś' game? Have you or your child tried making one before?