All those tiny protists

Teaching biology is not always easy for me. Many years have passed since I had to learn it myself. And ... I used to learn biology in Polish and now I teach it in English. 
It's not a big problem when I have to talk about animals or plants, like ... normal (!) size animals and plants. It becomes a problem when I am supposed to explain something about all those tiny microscopic creatures, like ... protozoa. In high school I have never thought that one day I would need to go back and relearn everything again. I must say ... I am not complaining. I like learning together with kids, exploring new areas of science previously unknown to me or just forgotten.

Last week we were learning with Jaś about protozoa (or protists). We first read about these organisms in a book Real Science-4-Kids. Biology:

After some Internet research this is what Jaś came up with:




I must say I am quite impressed.