Taking dog for a walk in Warsaw

As early as I can remember, there was always a dog in my Parents' house. I was always laughing that my Parents first had a dog and then me. And it's true. 
First there was Canis - a black cocker spaniel who died a tragic death killed by wild dogs in the forest where we lived.
Then there was Beta, also a black cocker spaniel, who was a pure breed and who won many medals at dog shows. She died of old age - 14.
Later, while in high school, I took a dog from a shelter. Her name was Nora and she was a mix breed. She didn't bark and was very calm and well behaved. When I got married and left Poland Nora stayed with my Parents. She also died of old age.
Then my Parents got a ... cat and after cat chose freedom by jumping out of the 4th floor window they got a dog from a shelter. His name is Lutek and he is ... not well behaved - bites, runs away, barks for no reason. It's my Mom's dog and she really loves him and lets him do anything he wants. 

In Poland MANY people have dogs and they are not small toy dogs, they are quite big. All dogs are taken out for walks three times a day. My Mom also wants Lutek to go out three times and each time at least for 40 minutes. 

While in Poland I've spent a lot of time walking the dog. The mornings were my favourite time to go for walks. Just take a look at the beautiful morning lighting:



Lutek also has some frinds that he likes to run and play with: