Vocabulary - fruits and vegetables

How does Ania learn new vocabulary?

A year ago she could only speak Chinese, did not understand any Polish or English and now?

Now her Polish is quite good, she understands everything and can say anything she wants to. Her English is also catching up. She listens to songs and stories in English, I read to her in English and she also hears us speak English at home.

To expand her vocabulary I use some of the language materials I've prepared years ago for Zosia and Jaś. Let me show you the materials for teaching the names of fruits and vegetables.

A set of cards with pictures of fruits and vegetables plus small objects to go with the cards:

Ania is supposed to lay the cards out and match the objects to the pictures saying the name of the fruit or vegetable at the same time. I also ask her: "Show me ..." or "What is this?" I ask these questions is English or in Polish depending in which language we are working.

A set of cards with pictures of vegetables and fruits found in Poland (and not popular in Taiwan) with names written on separate cards:

Ania also made a small poster where she glued pictures of fruits and vegetables under the right headings:

Next time I will show you our materials for learning the names of the animals.