Letter Bingo

How about a round of Bingo with your preschooler?

After Ania learned all the letters (both upper and lowercase) I pulled out one of the old language materials I made for my older kids - a special Letter Bingo. 

How to make one? It's easy!
  • On A5 size sheets print grids of different sets of letters - all mixed up, lower and uppercase, some letters can appear more than once. 
  • Print one set of alphabet in lowercase and another set in uppercase. The letters can be made to fit the size of each grid on the card.
  • Cut black construction paper into little squares the size of each grid.
  • Laminate the Bingo cards and the letters (remember to laminate the letters before cutting them).

Before presenting Ania with whole alphabet Bingo game, I played with her an easier version - with only a few letters. The letters to choose were also much bigger.

Bingo cards, letters and small cards (in the box)

Ready to play!

How to play?

Pick a letter and say the 'letter sound'

If you, or your oponent, finds the letter on the sheet,
you should cover it with a black square.

Keep choosing the letters until ...

... one of the players covers the last letter on sheet
with a black square. He is the winner!

And have FUN playing!


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