Kids just wanna have fun!

It's been a while since I took my kids to a playground.
Why would a teenage girl and her tween brother want to play at a playground?
Playgrounds are for little kids!
Going down the slide? Hanging from monkey bars? Playing on see-saw?
Where is fun and excitement in all that?

But imagine that they did want to play at playgrounds in Warsaw! Why? Simple - the design of these playgrounds was suitable for kids of all ages. Everyone could have fun.
Not far from our house there were 3 playgrounds for both younger and older children. There was also an area with exercise equipment for adults! Take a look at the fun all three kids had:

The blue padding you see, is quite soft so falling on it does not hurt too much. There is a fence all around the playground so younger children won't be running too far from their caregivers and dogs won't be getting.

This very tall slide was Ania's favourite. At first she didn't know how to climb up, but older siblings helped her and showed her the way - there is no ladder or steps!

Just look how high Ania is!

Under the massive climbing equipment you can see sand, again to make it safer.

All three on top of the highest net.

Spinning round and round!

And this is the small kiddo playground right under our windows. Notice that the sand pit is covered to protect it from dogs, cats and birds as well as from rain. 
Every apartment compound has a playground like this or even a larger one and only kids from that compound can play there as it's closed to public. 
The large playgrounds are for everyone. Kids in Poland do spend a lot of time outdoors, no matter what's the weather like, if it's hot or cold, sunny or snowy.

There was one fascinating thing that I saw at the large public playground/park - a book exchange/rental place. This is how it looks like:

You may borrow a book to read in the park or to take home and return it later or instead leave a different book for others to read. It's free and easy and open to everyone 365 days a year, day and night, rain or shine! Don't you think it's a splendid idea?


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