Summer camp at Juming - Obóz letni w Juming

Even though summer vacation is over and everybody is back in school ... or home school, my today's post will still be about summer camps and a ... sculpture museum

Juming Museum 朱銘美術館 is one of our family's favourite museums in Taiwan.

It's located in the northern part of the island, in the mountains just off the coastal town of Jinshan 金山. It's a really big outdoor sculpture museum. Most of the works are by a famous Taiwanese sculptor Ju Ming 朱銘.

For the past few years the museum has been organising summer camps for kids. Zosia went to 3 camps and now Jas has been to three camps as well.

Jaś wrote about the 2013 Juming summer camp on his blog, please read his My summer camps and about this year's camp My last Juming camp.

For some unknown to us reason there was no camp in 2012, but you can watch the last day of 2011 camp in a video Zosia made (see how cute Jaś was back then):

There is one more video Zosia made about this museum (yes, we go there often) and it's a must watch video!

So remember, when you come to visit Taiwan going to Juming Museum is a must!