Science can be really fun!

Having a great teacher, like Adion Chen is a blessing. 
Jaś enjoys his weekly science class and is not very happy when he has to miss one. 

Each week Adion talks about different things - one time he can be explaining how a toilet works, another how a Maglev train lavitates above the tracks or how a Mars rover works. 

Each lesson is supported with a slide/video presentation and a DIY session. Kids get their hands on making model buildings, vehicles and other things. Each week Jaś comes back home with some kind of a construction that he has made. (Unfortunately not all of them survive the long journey home.)

The lessons take place in a classroom provided by another homeschooling family on the other side of town. Getting there takes about an hour, but it's well worth it. 

Since starting the classes in March this year Jaś has learned a great deal about how things around us work and ... made some really good friends.

I have to thank Jenny for finding Adion, organising the class and letting us join it. And also for ... taking the pictures and videos without which I would miss out a lot. Thank you again!

Last week kids learned about earthquake resistant structures and wind dampers, and of course Taipei 101 (once the tallest building in the world).

The DIY was to build a model Taipei 101,
but somehow Jaś decided to build it ...
after an earthquake.

Two weeks before that, the lesson was about radars.

Earlier Jaś learned about ships and sea platforms, how they are build so they can float. He made a really nice model of an aircraft carrier:

I will post more photos from his previous classes in a later post, but now you can read more about the science class in my post from May, Elevators in science class and on Jaś' blog in  A Cooking Scientist from Mars.