Alphabet train - matching letters

Some time ago I came across a really nice floor puzzle - Alphabet Train Puzzle.

Ania liked the puzzle right from the start, but beacause she was not familiar with the order of the letters in the alphabet it was taking her a lot of time to complete it and sometimes she would loose interest half way through. After she has learned most of the letters it became much easier for Ania to put all the pieces together.

After a while I added "an extention" to this simple put-the-puzzle-together game. Ania was suppose to match the letter cards to the letters on the train.

The puzzle not only helped Ania in learning the order of the letters in the alphabet, but it also helped her to learn the names of the animals on the puzzle.

As you can see it's not that difficult to turn a simple game (or in this case a puzzle) into a teaching material. :-)