Warsaw in snow in October

Who would have thought that in the middle of autumn it's going to start snowing in Poland? Fortunately the snow came after we got back from our trip to Podlasie. It would not have been fun driving in snow without winter tires ...
Kids had a real blast. Jas wanted to play in snow as soon as there was enough to make a snowball. Problem was - the gloves got wet  immediately and the hands got cold soon after, so he gave up the idea of making a snowman. Zosia was happy to try out her winter boots and coat she got for her birthday.

It has just started snowing ...
A few hours later the playground  was covered
with a blanket of fresh white snow.
Jas wrote his name in huge letters in the playground.

It looked and felt like a real blizzard in the middle of winter.

The Warsaw Old Town roofs covered in snow.

The mermaid, symbol of Warsaw, on the Old Town Square.
The very wintery scenery.



  1. Love love love that snow!! How fun to experience that!


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