Siblings' botany lesson

Zosia and Jas are five years apart, so it doesn't happen very often that they can work together on something. I do try to get both of them involved in the same projects, but it usually ends up with Zosia finishing what Jas has started.

Last week we started reading together one of Sonlight's recommended books for science. Zosia already knows most of the things in it, but I think it is a good review for her. Jas, on the other hand, wants to do all the experiments in the book and is fascinated with all the interesting facts about plants and animals and ways to observe them.
The book we are reading.
Yesterday after reading a chapter about experimenting with plants, Jas has started a few 'experiments':

How long will it take for the
cherry branches to have leaves?
Learning about osmosis
(sugar in a potato in water).
Starting to grow green beans
(unfortunatelywe didn't have any
larger variety of beans at home).
Beside reading and setting up these ‘experiments' Zosia and Jas have done some work from the Science Centers book:

Zosia explaining to Jas some new vocabulary

Matching the vocabulary cards with the definitions.
Writing worksheets together.