National Parks in Podlasie

Time flies ... after almost a month in Europe we are back in Asia. Despite of that I would still like to write something about our time in Poland (and later in Germany).

As I mentioned in my last post, we went to Podlasie in the eastern part of Poland. And although weather was not perfect - chilly and a bit wet, we managed to see quite a bit. In that part of Poland there are three big National Parks - two river parks (Biebrzański i Narwiański Park Narodowy) and a big forest park (Białowieski Park Narodowy). Originally we were supposed to go to the Białowieski National Park to see the famous bisons, but I couldn't find any nice and not too expensive pensions to stay and that's why we ended up in Pentowo.

An over 1km long footbridge across the wetlands in
Narew Nat'l Park.
In few places instead of footbridge there was a pontoon that
needed to be pulled - not an easy (nor clean) job,
but Jas was happy to help in getting us to the other side.

Many tiny spiders reminded us of the book
"Charlotte's Web".

The marshland in Biebrza Nat'l Park

Wetlands in the forest of Biebrza Nat'l Park.

Playing with fallen leaves is so much fun.

A herd of wild koniki polskie (Polish primitive horses)
galloped in front of our car while we were driving
through the Biebrza Nat'l Park.

In fall Polish forests are full of delicious wild mushrooms.