Jas' first dinner

Yes, that's right - last Friday Jas, all by himself, has made dinner for the whole family.
Last week he has studied a few of his cookbooks and chose one of the dishes. He then asked me to buy a few things he needed to make the dinner he chose (which was Pasta with Tuna and Tomatoes).

The book Jaś chose to cook from.
It's a Polish edition of a "Cookbook for Boys"
by Abigail Wheatley, published by Usborne.

Cutting tomatoes and stirring the tuna+tomotoes+spices sauce.
Adding shredded cheese on top was Jas' idea
as he likes everything with cheese.
The only thing Jas needed help with was opening the tuna cans. He boiled the pasta and made the sauce and later baked everything all by himself. He was very proud of himself when the meal turned out really tasty. I hope that there will be more dinners 'by Jas' in the near future.