Visiting National Taiwan Science Education Center 國立臺灣科學教育館

One of the best places in Taipei to take kids to is the National Science Education Center in Shilin District. The impressive modern building holds on 10 floors many exhibits for kids of all ages.

The permanent exhibits include the following:

3F- Mysteries of Life and the Human Body
4F- People and Environment, Biodiversity
5F- Material Science Exhibition
6F- Mathematics and Earth Science Exhibition

There is also a Virtual Reality Theater, an Earthquake Theater, a Science Laboratory, a 3D Theater and Kids Playground in B1. The Science Center also organises summer and winter camps, classes and science fairs.

Every few month a different temporary exhibit takes place. I wrote about one HERE - NASA, a Human Adventure.

On the 7th floor there is a DIY area where right now you and your child can take part in a hands-on activity - Have Fun at Tinkering 敲敲打打動手樂.

There were many activities to choose from:

  • 塗鴉機  Scribbling Machines
  • 風管與飛行器  Wind Tubes
  • 快樂城市  Happy City
  • 彈珠機  Marble Machines
  • 光影遊戲  Light Play
  • 連鎖反應  Chain Reaction
We chose the Marble Machines.

Each team of 2-3 people was given a board on which we were to build a machine for marbles or other balls.

All the materials for building the machine and the balls were also provided:


As you can see there was a lot to choose from. Unfortunately Ania and I are not much of engineers, so out machine was not very sophisticated, but ... it did work.

In other areas kids were busy with different activities:

We really had a great time at the Science Education Center and we are planning to go back there soon. Thank you, Douzi for organizing the outing.


  1. Fajne - jak się wejdzie o świcie w takie miejsce, to można wyjść o północku:)


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