How to peel a raw egg?

Have you ever wondered if it's possible to peel a raw egg?

Ania has proved it's possible 😊

What will you need to do that?

- an egg
- a jar
- vinegar (we only had apple vinegar which is not clear, but it was still ok)

Place the egg in the jar and cover it with vinegar.

After a few hours you will see bubbles on the egg and foam on the surface of the vinegar the jar. These are the carbon dioxide bubbles from the reaction of acetic acid in the vinegar with calcium in the egg shell. 

After a day of soaking you can carefully remove the egg from the jar. It will be very soft and rubbery so be careful not to break it! It's so soft that I can squeeze it between my fingers. The shell has broken into tiny pieces and in places it has come off the egg. 

After another day of soaking larger areas of the shell have come off and after taking the egg out again it is very easy to just rub the leftover shell off the egg.

What you see on the last photo is the intact egg, without most of the shell, held inside it's membrane. The acid in vinegar has dissolved the calcium in the shell and made it possible to peel the shell off the egg without breaking the membrane. 

Here are Ania's notes in Polish:


  1. Takiego czegoś to ja jeszcze nigdy nie piłem w moim życiu.


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