2018 Taipei International Book Exhibition

I love books!
I love book fairs!
I love buying and reading books!
Our house is overflowing with books in three languages: English, Polish and Chinese. Polish books I can only buy in Poland, but English and Chinese I can quite easily buy here, in Taiwan. There are a few bookstore chains that carry English language books: Eslite 誠品, Caves Bookstore 敦煌書局, Kingstone 金石堂 and also an on-line bookstore books.com.tw. I am a frequent customer of all of them, but I still wait for the Book Fair that takes place every year in February.

This year I also went to the Book Exhibition and ended up buying quite a few books for Ania. Take a look at what was added to our bookshelves:

✫ A big book with interesting information about many of the natural wonders of the world:

✫ Two volumes of well known "Goodnight Stories for the Rebel Girls". Each book is full of stories of famous women from different times in history.

✫ Another book from the "Usborne Young Readers" series. 

✫ And two more books from Penguin Random House:

✫ Periodic Table with many, many flaps and interesting information about all the chemical elements:

✫ Sticker book of costumes from around the world:

I also bought a few books in Chinese, mainly about Taiwan. I am very happy that right now there are so many wonderful, interesting and beautifully illustrated books about nature, history and geography of Taiwan as well as many stories and novels for children by Taiwanese writers.  When we moved here in 2002, there were NO children's books by Taiwanese writers! It was really hard to get anything about Taiwan, especially for young readers. Now there are plenty of books to choose from.

✫ A book about mangroves:

✫ How the seeds travel:

✫ A book about different kinds of wild birds found in Taiwan:

✫ A story about Confucius Temple in Tainan:

✫ A set of three books about Chinese holidays:

✫ A story about one of the Taiwanese aboriginal tribes, Siraya:

There were many more wonderful books at the fair. I wish I could buy them all ...
Among all these books I've also found one very familiar book:


  1. Chciałam zapytać, czy były jakieś książki dla Mamy, ale teraz już wiem, że ta ostatnia:)

    1. Książek po angielsku dla dorosłych jest zdecydowanie mniej niż dla dzieci. Poza tym wolę czytać dzieła polskich pisarzy :-)


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