Taipei Zoo outing in photos

This week the nature class took place in the zoo. We were going to the part where Taiwanese animals and insects were. We got to the zoo a bit earlier so Ania and her friend could see other animals - pandas and the African animals.
The weather on that day was very nice, although a bit chilly. Some of the animals probably didn't like the cold so they stayed indoors. The two Big ones that Ania wanted to see - zebras and hippos - were outside so she could enjoy observing them.

The lion and lioness were basking in the sun. That was probably the first time we could see the lions out in the open  and this close to us.

Rhinos also came out into the sun:

Chimpanzees were resting peacefully: 

One hyena was resting and the other kept looking at us:

Elephants strolled majestically:

Formosan serow was having sweet potatoes for his late lunch:

Taiwanese macaques were also having a fruity meal:

Overall the pre-nature-class walk through the zoo was a big success. Both Ania and her friend enjoyed it immensely.


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