Creepy crawlies in Taipei Zoo

Not many people go to the zoo to observe creepy crawlies, but we do ... Our nature class took us to the less frequented part of the zoo, the wild and overgrown part where many insects and other creepy crawlies hide.

The most interesting thing we saw were the two larvae stages of 
Asian swallowtail - Papilio xuthus - 柑桔鳳蝶
It's amazing how the caterpillars change and what later becomes of them...

Unless you want to get a bad rush keep away from this beautiful, hairy caterpillar.
Cocoa tussock moth caterpillar - Orgyia postica - 小白紋毒蛾幼蟲 

暗點燈蛾 - Lemyra imparilis

Asota heliconia zebrina - 圓端擬燈蛾

This caterpillar looks like Asota heliconia zebrina - 圓端擬燈蛾 , 
but I am not sure if it's really that ...

A very young Lebeda nobilis - 大灰枯葉蛾

For pictures of more bugs from the zoo you can go to my post from a year ago.