History of photography in Taiwan

A new exhibition has just started at the National Museum of History in Taipei - Then and Now: Modern and Contemporary Photography in Taiwan. Photography is something that most members of our family are interested in so when I've found out about the exhibit we had to visit it.

The exhibit is not large, but very interesting. It's divided into three parts: 
- Images of the South: Taiwanese Photography during the Japanese Rule
- Are Images Real? Photographic Works as Social Dialogue
- Remembering Southern Taipei: Changes of Architecture and Landscape

The history of photography in Taiwan starts in 19th century when it was the means for foreigners to document the life in Taiwan. Later, under the Japanese rule, first photo studios were opened, journalists and official photographers started taking photos of the everyday life and the development of Taiwan.
After 1945 the theme of photography was the social change happening in Taiwan under the new government.
Third part of the exhibition shows the photos of the area that the National Museum of History and the Botanical Garden are now.
Thanks to all these pictures you can see closer how people in Taiwan lived and how Taiwan looked like in the years before. It's a record of the Formosan history which is worth seeing and understanding.

National Museum of History
49 Nan Hai Road, Taipei City 100, Taiwan

The exhibit runs until 2017.01.07.