Summer Olympic Games project (renewed)

Four years have passed since the last Olympic Games in London, UK. Soon the next Games will be starting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. That's why I would like to remind you of the old post which shows Zosia's huge project about the Summer Olympic Games. Maybe it will give you some ideas for a project of your own?

Old post from January 5th, 2013

I know it's not summer anymore and probably nobody even remembers the 2012 London Olympic Games (besides the athletes,of course), but it took Zosia this long to finish her huge Olympic Games project - she started during the summer and finished it in December.
The idea was to make a simple lapbook about the Olympics, but with my daughter no project is simple - it has to be BIG and special. So here it is:

Work in progress.

Title page and the page with information about Polish
and Taiwanese participation in the Olympics.

Two pages about the Olympic Torch's route by Jas

Pages by Jas about different symbols
 associated with the Olympics.

Pages with information on every Summer Olympic Games
- each small booklet contains the name of the city and country
the Olympics took place, the special Olympic emblem and the picture of the mascot, number of participating countries and people (men and women), number of sports disciplines and some other interesting facts.

The front pages with sport disciplines represented
in 2012 London Olympic Games.

The inside of the small booklets about sport disciplines contains
information about the winning countries in 2008 Beijing
and 2012 London Olympic Games as well as the year
 in which the discipline was first introduced at the Olympics.

That's it! A big project with lots of interesting information.
Is there going to be a similar project about the Winter Olympic Games? If Zosia decides to make one I hope it's going to take less time than this one ...


  1. WOw, that must have taken so much time and research!! The end project is incredible- thank you so much for sharing! If you do make a winter Olympics version, I would love to see it!:)

  2. wspaniała i bardzo inspirująca praca :)


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