Ania is 6!

Last week our youngest turned 6 years old! 

Time flies! She is a big girl now and in one month will be officially starting 1st grade. 

On the day of her birthday we only had a tiny birthday cake to share between 3 of us, both Zosia and Jas were away on that day. 

Few days later we celebrated with many friends and a big cake! Although only two other children were Ania's age, she still had a great time. 

So many presents! Books, game, calligraphy set, writing stationery, cuddly toys, clothes and DIY sets! Ania is really enjoying every single one of them. Thank you Everyone!

For most of the Taiwanese it's very unusual to organise a kid's birthday party at home. If the parents decide to celebrate child's birthday and invite friends, they usually do it at a kids' play space or McDonald's. We always have it at home. And although it required a bit of preparations and later cleaning up, I prefer it this way :-) . Usually I also bake a birthday cake by myself, but this summer it's just too hot to turn the oven on!


  1. Najlepsze życzenia urodzinowe dla Ani i wszystkiego najlepszego! 100 lat!

  2. Happy Birthday Ania! Good luck! Enjoy your gifts and follow your development 


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