More about Lugang 鹿港

As I've mentioned HERE before, we take many foreign guests to Lugang. Two years ago we were able to show this town to our Polish friends. Back then I wasn't writing much about Taiwan on this blog so the photos from our trip to Lugang have never seen the www ... until now.

Lugang Historic Preservation Area is the first example of the preservation of old market streets in Taiwan. In 18th century the Lugang Harbor was opened and many shipping firms set up their businesses not far from it. 
The alleys in old area of Lugang are very narrow and winding. Many houses were originally build beside winding streams, which are now long gone, but the winding lanes are still there.

Dzieciaki zajadają coś co trudno opisać - strasznie klejąca i ciągnącą się galaretka?

Wchodząc w alejkę, zwolnij. :-)

You can still see many interesting shops in Lugang. Like this one, where the wooden ornaments are handmade for temples and homes.

To see more of Lugang you can watch a program in which Zosia is  discovering this town as a foreigner. The program is in ... Chinese.

Lugang is also famous for it's ... food!
Kids' favourite is "miancha" 麵茶 , in English it would be called flour-tea. It's a brownish powder that you mix with water, milk or add to ice-cream. There are many ways to eat it or drink it. It can be sweet or salty. 

That's not all that I can show you about Lugang. Another post about this historical town coming soon!