Practical Life XI - Threading small beads

Continuing my previous post about threading wooden beads

After the child has completed the threading exercise with big wooden beads he can try threading some small colored beads. This exercise is very appealing for little girls as they can make necklaces and bracelets for themselves. Boys can be asked to make "jewelery" for mom, grandma or sister (or for themselves too, if they want to).

You may want your child to start with threading beads onto a fishing line (or thin wire) which is much more durable and not as limp as a thread. There is no need to use a needle with fishing line (or wire).


 Later the child may start using a thread and a needle, although at first she may need help with threading the needle.

She may also want to thread the beads in pattern - color patterns or shape patterns. You may encourage her make bracelets or necklaces as presents for grandmas and aunts.