Elevators in science class

This semester Jas has finally let us sign him up for a science class with other homeschoolers. Before Jas was rather reluctant in joining any group classes, because he didn't know any homeschooled boys his age.
Somehow, thanks to Facebook, I was able to get in touch with other bilingual homeschooling families in Taipei who have kids Jas' age. It has turned out that some of them go together for a science class.
After winter vacation, Jas has joined the class and has been enjoying it ever since. 

The class is taught by Adion Chen (for those who read Chinese - here is his blog Adion-蝦蝦科學小教室★快樂的科學教室★Happy Science Classroom! ). 
After a multimedia introduction to the subject, the kids get a chance to make a DIY model of whatever they are learning about. 

Few weeks ago the subject of the lesson was "Design Science of Elevators and Cranes with Pulley Systems".

As an intro Adion has first shown them a short slide show with different kinds of elevators and explained how things work. The video below shows how the class is structured, the only difference is that the "class" in the video is a big group of parents and children and the class that Jas attends has less than 10 kids.

As always Adion draws some very simple yet detailed pictures
explaining the mechanics of how different things work.

And here is the elevator Jas made:

You can read more about Jas' science class on his blog in a post A cooking scientist from Mars.