Animals of the World Project

As I have written many times before, Jaś, contrary to his sister, does not like BIG projects. He prefers something quick, that can be finished in a day or two.
That's why finishing this Animals of the World project has taken him a few months (or maybe even over a year). I don't even remember when we've started.

Few years ago I bought two books with lots of animal stickers and I've always wanted to use these stickers for a nice project. Together with Jaś we came up with an idea of sorting the animals by the continent they live in. It was not an easy task, as many of the animals live in many places and don't just stick to one continent.
Let me put in points how Jaś has dealt with this project, what came first and what next:

  • Prepare large drawing paper and fold it in half
  • Write the names of continents (in outline font) in English and Chinese on the computer and hand color the words
  • Put all the pages into a booklet
  • Select the animals that are representative to a certain continent and stick them to the continent pages
  • Find the animal names in Polish and Chinese (the stickers were labeled in English) and type them into a spreadsheet
  • Print the 3-language labels on sticker paper and place under each animal picture.
  • Make the cover page
And this is the result of all the hard work Jaś has put into making this project:

What do you think? How do you like it?
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