Young actors on stage again

Last Sunday Zosia and Jaś got to be actors again. They were in a play for young children at Mikado Children's Theater.

肥寶闖天關 is about a boy who was born very big and fat and how others are trying to convince him to eat less and to play sports to become healthier and to loose weight.
The play was for small kids, the audience was asked some questions during the spectacle and was interacting with the actors.
Both, Zosia and Jaś, have done a very good job and had a lot of fun.
Take a look at some photos to get an idea what the whole thing looked like:

Can you recognise Zosia?
Jaś as Mr. Coffee
Jaś as Mr. Sandwich and Zosia as Miss Cake
Jaś as shuttlecock and Zosia as a girl learning to play badminton

The cast