More about Short Bead Stair

I know, I know ... some of the Montessori purists will say that this material shouldn't be used like that, that there is no real Montessori work like that, but ... although I am a certified Montessori teacher, I think that some of the materials can be used in many more interesting ways and not only in a way that Maria Montessori has "invented".

  • short bead stair
  • ten-bead bar
  • number cards 1-10
  • to reinforce the number and quantity concept

Place the material on  the mat on a table. Put the one-bead bar on the top of the mat and look for the number 1 card, place it next to it. Do the same with the numbers 2-10.

Here is Ania doing this work with different number cards (I found them too big, taking up too much space).