Math for 3-year-old

Just half a year has passed since I've started teaching Ania math concepts and numbers.
In the beginning she could rote count to 10 in Chinese and that's it. She couldn't really count objects nor did she understand one-to-one correspondence (it means that one element from a set is paired with exactly one other element; easier - that two really means two of something). She couldn't recognise any numbers and of course she couldn't write any either.

And now?

Ania can rote count in Chinese to a hundred.

She can count in Polish and English to 20.

She recognises all the numerals 0-9 and writes a few.

She has no problem with one-to-one correspondence.

Can count objects very well and loves doing that.

Does daily math exercises which she chooses herself.

What do you think?

In the album below you can see how we achieved all that:

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