Short (Colored) Bead Stair

Every now and then I remember about some Montessori materials that have been put away in the darkest possible corner of the cupboard. Years have passed since I've last used them, so pulling out all those beautiful (and expensive) materials is a true joy for me, especially that now there is again a keen 3-year-old waiting to work with them.

This week I decided to introduce the so called SHORT BEAD STAIR (by some called Colored Bead Stair) to Ania.

  • Montessori Short Bead Stair
  • 1 ten-bead bar

  • further practice counting 1-10
  • prepare the child for further math work with Sequin Boards


The child lays out the Short Bead Stair on a mat and starting with the one-bead bar builds a triangle with the rest of the bead bars. While building he should count the beads out loud.

Additional exercise:
  • Coloring the bead bars on a piece of paper.

Ania enjoyed working with this material a lot and I am sure she is going to take it out quite often in the days to come.

The printable is from Imagine Our Life.
If you don't have Montessori bead materials you can try to make them yourself :-)
You will find easy instructions at Imagine Our Life.
Good Luck and have fun!


  1. Proszę, jak ładnie. A my liczyliśmy rodzynki. Odejmując, zjadaliśmy pomoce naukowe ;-) Tylko na liczenie powyżej 20-tu z jedzeniem polecam się wstrzymać, bo zemdli ;-) Pozdrawiam!

  2. Wszystko co jadalne może być super pomocą naukową :-) . Naszyjniki z Cheerios, litery z paluszków (tych jadalnych oczywiście) - fajnie jest łączyć przyjemne z pożytecznym :-)
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie!


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