From roller blading to ice-skating (After school classes part 5)

Sports, just as music, is an important part of our kids' homeschooling education. Since very young age we've always let them try different disciplines - soccer, basketball, cycling, skiing, swimming and of course roller blading and ice-skating. 

As a child, for quite a few years, I used to take ice-skating lessons (in Poland and in US). As I remember they were the only lessons I took outside school. 
I've always likes skating and it was obvious to me that Zosia should try it too. First time we put her on ice was in US when she was just over one year old. Later, after we moved to UK, I used to take her skating there. We had lots of fun on a big and empty rink in Peterborough

When we moved to Taiwan there was no ice-skating rink in Taipei, but roller blading was becoming popular. That's why Zosia started taking one-on-one roller blading lessons at
Y17 台北市青少年育樂中心. She was getting really good at roller blading and was enjoying the speed. 

2006 Competition
A year or so later first ice-skating rink opened in Taipei area (in Xizhi) and Zosia started her first lessons on ice. That's where she had her first ice-skating competition at the age of 6. I used to take her skating 2-3 times a week, once a week she had a lesson with a coach (陳國志) and the other times I was joining her on ice and making sure she practices what she has just learned. She loved the lessons, but did not like to practice. Repeating the same movements over and over again was too boring for her. 
Again, just like with learning to play piano, she wasn't improving and making her practice was a big struggle.
This time we had to take drastic measures :-) - "Either you start practicing or you are not going to continue skating." And so she stopped going ice-skating. I think a year has passed before she finally told us that she would like to try ice-skating again. By that time the ice skating rink at Taipei Arena 小巨蛋 opened. We found a new coach (廖昇平) who made skating really fun for Zosia. Unfortunately after vacation Zosia had to change the coach again. For the first time she had a female coach (張辰). She stayed with this coach for many years. Zhang Chen, has prepared Zosia for many competitions and performances.
There were times that Zosia was really serious about skating and practiced 2-3 times a week, but there were also times that she wanted to give up.
In 2011 Zosia took part in the international ice skating competition in Bangkok (ISI Asia 2011) and won 1st place. That was a BIG achievement. We were all very proud of her.

In 2012 Zosia entered an International Children's Film Festival with a film she made about the problems facing ice-skaters in Taiwan,
Skating Dream 滑出自己的夢

A year later Zosia decided to ... quit ice-skating. To become an even better ice-skater she would need to spend much more time on ice and ... she had different plans. We supported her decision and understood it.

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