Dance classes my kids take

When our kids got older we could see what they were becoming interested in and what they were good at. Both kids loved moving to the music and when Zosia was 4 years old, Cloud Gate 雲門 had just started it's classes for kids Cloud Gate Dance Studio 雲門舞集舞蹈教室. 12 years have passed since then ... and Zosia is still dancing at Cloud Gate. 

During that time she did take a one year break - at one point she didn't really like the teacher and was not happy in the class so we decided to change dance schools. We signed her up for a 'proper' ballet class - with pink tutu, point shoes, performances etc. But she didn't enjoy that either. So we stopped dance class altogether. 
After a few months we asked her if she would like to try dancing again. She agreed and went back to Cloud Gate. The class and the teacher have changed and thanks to that Zosia has started enjoying dancing again.

At the end of elementary school she was chosen for Cloud Gate's scholarship class. The lessons were taking place on Sundays (4-5 hours) and beside that she had ballet on Wednesdays and movement class on Saturdays. That was a lot for someone who was dancing just for pleasure, without planning to become a professional dancer. Most of the other teenagers in her class had some serious dance plans for their future. With time the dance routines were becoming more and more difficult and being absent from a class or two meant you were not able to catch up with the rest of the class. That was a big problem for Zosia as we were still taking long vacations in Poland and Japan. After a few years of this totally crazy schedule we decided that it's time to stop.
Now Zosia still goes to Cloud Gate, for a really cool modern dance class.

Jas has started going to Cloud Gate before he turned 4 years old and has been going non-stop for the past 7 years. For some time, I think two years, he took ballet lessons at Cloud Gate, but ... being the only boy in a class full of younger girls was not easy. Although he enjoyed ballet and was doing quite well he did not like being pointed fingers at (his friends looked at him funny when he was telling them he is doing ballet). He loves his movement class though.