Classes for teeny ones

This is a 2nd part of a post about after school classes. To read the 1st part please go to Tough decisions about after school classes 才藝班.
Gymboree and swimming

We started first (while still in US and later in UK) with Gymboree Play&Learn program which was a great way not only for the little ones to have fun in a safe and fun environment, but also for the parents to meet other parents with kids of the same age. The classes were full of movement, music and laughter:

We wanted for Zosia and Jas to feel comfortable in water, so when they were less than 6 months old we started taking them for baby swimming classes. Thanks to that they have never been afraid of water and enjoy swimming a lot.

Even when Jas was just 3 years old and Zosia 8,
they were not afraid of playing and swimming
in a lake in Poland.

Whether or not to sign up for these classes and how long to attend them, was mom and dad's decision. It's obvious you can not ask a 6 months old if he wants to play parachute with other kids at Gymboree, but ... you can see if the little one is interested in the class, if he is having fun. If the child kicks and cries every time you try to enter a big swimming pool with him then don't do it. Listen to him, maybe the water is too cold, maybe the chlorine is irritating his eyes or maybe he just doesn't like it.

Don't push kids to doing something they don't enjoy.