Taiwan's Top-Model-to-be!

Over two weeks have passed since Zosia won the first place in the modeling competition. (You can read about the 1st eliminations here.) I still can not believe that she has been chosen from among all those talented young people.
The competition was really tough. After the first round of eliminations only 60 young girls and 30 guys were chosen. Later, after some training, photoshoots and cat walks, that number has gone down to 30 girls and 15 guys. These 45 young people received more chances to show their ability to work as models, dancers, presenters... They all worked hard, some days for very long hours - starting before 7am!

And finally the finals arrived - on the evening of Aug.29th 45 competitors have shown what they have learned throughout the one month of training.

To see the photo album from the finals please go here or click 'play' below.

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After the first announcement of Zosia receiving the Kiss Me cosmetics company prize, we all thought - Wow! That's wonderful! Neither Zosia nor I have ever thought that she would receive the first place and win the top prize, Subaru XL! This was just something we have never ever expected.
Zosia signed up for the competition mainly to learn more about modeling, to meet new people and to have fun, winning was never in our plans ...
Now, after she became the Star :-) her life has changed drastically - her photos and news about her has been all over the TV, Internet, newspapers and magazines. She has given many interviews and received many modeling jobs. Almost every day something is happening - an audition, fitting, photoshoot, filming, press conference or training. She is still enjoying all this attention and work. And on top of that, whenever she is home, I 'make her' study ;-)

Below are links to some news clips about Zosia:
A whole spread from a weekly magazine 時報周刊

Zosia has her fan page on Facebook. The number of fans is reaching 1300. To become one of her fans, please go to 陳明秀 .

Visit Zosia brother's blog to read his post about his sister becoming a model.


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