A perfectly busy day

Last week we had one great homeschooling day.
Some might say that each and every day should be great and we only had one, so why am I so excited? In our Babel School we have better and worse days we also have horrible and wonderful days. Each day is different, each day kids learn different things and kids behave differently.
I wish for every day to be productive, full of fun and interesting lessons which kids do without fussing and with as little help from me as possible. Now, with three kids around, it's not always easy, but we keep on trying.
Last Friday only Jas and Ania were home. You can read about Jas' day on his blog and take a look at the photo journal of Ania's day below:

We started the day with a "snack" exercise.
Ania loves Cheerios and she also likes threading,
so why not combine the two and make a Cheerios necklace?

While I was teaching Jas, Ania was playing with Little People.

Time for math.
It was a hot day, so Ania could spend some time playing in water
on the balcony while I explained lessons to Jas.
Before lunch there was still time to draw.
After a nap - time to take Inu for a walk.
Montessori activity for the day -
- sifting flour and green beans.

World animals puzzle - Ania's favorite.

Playing with animals.
Trying out a new puzzle.
"Thank you Jas for the dinner you've made."
Playtime with Jas before going for a bath.