Montessori - Practical Life V - Using a dropper

This time I want to introduce an exercise that requires a lot of patience from the child:
using a dropper
  • colored water in a small bowl
  • dropper
  • rubber soap mat
  • cloth/sponge for wiping spills
  • tray to place the materials on
The objective of this exercise is to squeeze (using dropper) single drops of water onto the little rubber soap pad - one drop per circle.
The child may first need to practice using a dropper with a simple transferring water with a dropper exercise (about which I will write later).
Squeezing the rubber tip of the dropper the child has to use his thumb which is placed opposite to two fingers, this kind of grasping is closer to the writing grasp. This exercise helps the child to increasefine motor skills, as well as hand-eye coordination and ... patience.

All the materials are ready to use.

Ania is holding the dropper in her left hand,
because in the beginning she was using both hands to squeeze it.