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Japan - learning resources

For the past few years, we've been spending at least one month a year in the amazing Japan. So far the older kids have learned extensively about the Land of the Rising Sun, but Ania still hasn't. It's time to fill that knowledge gap with some interesting information. That's why I've started researching the Internet for ideas and materials for a project about Japan.

Here are some links that I've found interesting, maybe you can also use some of them.

Enchanted Learning 

National Geographic Kids

Kids Web Japan

Genki Japan!

Lapbook lessons
Here you will find a link to the pdf of templates for a lapbook about Japan


Tina's Dynamic Homeschool
Lots of information about Japan - coloring, history, geography ...

Kid World Citizen

Mom Trends

The Crafty Classroom

Activity Village


There are lots of resources for teaching about Japan on Teachers Pay Teachers, but they are all for $$.
There are also many websites and books about origami, I don't have a favourite one so you need to look for them yourself 😀


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