Powązki Cemetery

Since last time, 3 years ago, when we visited Poland for All Saints Day, a few new graves have been added to our long list of family and friends who have passed away.
Lately I've been coming to Poland only to attend funerals. There is no joy in visits like this. Already a few years ago I've stopped planning my trips, I fly over when I am needed.
I wish I could come to Poland just for holidays. I wish I could come with whole family and drive around my beautiful country showing them the many wonderful places that they still haven't seen. I hope that next time my wishes will come true and we will come to Poland for fun. But until then ...

Throughout this stay we visited many graves on quite a few cemeteries - in Warsaw, Bydgoszcz and Belsk. This year the weather around All Saints' Day was cold and wet, but that was no excuse and we still visited the historical Powązki cemetery in Warsaw three times.

My Dad's tomb

My Grandmother's and Great Aunt's grave

My Grandfather's grave

Newly discovered grave of my Dad's family.

Another newly discovered family tomb

There is a tradition to decorate graves with flowers and candles. One can buy either potted or cut flowers, there are also wreaths with fresh or artificial flowers.

The Powązki cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries and the most famous one in Poland. Many famous people, poets,writers, musicians, politicians are laid to rest there. The whole cemetery is like a big park with very old trees and small allyes.

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