Mazu Temple in Lugang 鹿港天后宮

Lugang 鹿港 is one of our favourite places to visit. Whenever guests from abroad come and they have more than just a few days in Taiwan, we take them to Lugang. It's an old city in the central Taiwan, near Changhua 彰化.
In the old area of the city there are many temples, shops and narrow streets with vendors selling yummy food.

This time our visit was quite quick, just 2 hours or so, so we didn't visit all the places we usually go to. We did stop by Mazu Temple (Tianhou 天后宮) . This temple was build in the late Ming-early Qing dynasty in order to worship the Taoist Goddess of the Sea, Mazu 媽祖.
In the late 17th century one of the generals took the statue of Mazu from Meizhou 湄洲 in China to protect his ships in the voyage across the Taiwan Strait and relocated it to Taiwan where a temple to house the statue was build.
The temple has three main buildings - front, main and rear halls - there are two courtyards. It is considered as one of Taiwan's finest architectural works because of it's beautiful stone and wood carvings.

In the next posts I will show you how the rest of Lugang looks like and what you can eat there.


  1. Piękna świątynia! Uwielbiam takie miejsca!

    1. Następnym razem jak przylecisz, to na pewno Cię tam wezmę :-)

  2. Pięknie tam macie, ostatnio miałam szczęście do pocztówek z Taiwanu i wszystkie pokazywały takie piękne krajobrazy.
    Wesołych Świat 😀


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