Websites for teaching Chinese

In my last post I shared with you how we teach Chinese at home. To all the materials mentioned there I would like to add some Internet resources. Some of the websites have on-line games, others have some printable worksheets while on others you can order books and materials for teaching at home.
Check them out, maybe you are going to find something interesting and suitable for your children.
Also ... if you know of any other interesting on-line resources, please let me know by leaving a comment. Thank you!

  • - (in Chinese) 新北市政府教育局 - characters teaching website, where you can create a printable worksheet for practicing writing characters.

  • - (in English) Global Chinese Language and Culture Center 全球華文網路教育中心 - choose 'Chinese' and appropriate level for language activities.

  • - 中華民國僑務委員會 - Short texts in Chinese (published biweekly) about Taiwan and Chinese cultureplus some on-line language exercises.

  • -  a Taiwanese company whose products have been chosen for Chinese learning materials in schools in Singapore. Many on-line animated stories to 

  • - (in English) Dragon Wise has some interesting on-line learning materials and games.

  • - (in Chinese) Fireflybooks 螢火蟲出版社 - Taiwanese publisher of many interesting workbooks for learning Chinese.

  • - (in Chinese) 博雅教育 - publisher of many multimedia materials for learning Chinese. The one that my son enjoys is 漢字通 Chinese Characters Made Easy.

  • - (in Chinese) 香港大學中文教育研究中心 - Not only information on latest research, but also links to publications for children.

  • - (English version of the above website) - Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research, The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Education  - Some ideas for parents on how to teach Chinese to their children.

  • - (in Chinese) Greenfield Educational Center - publisher of many books for teaching kids Chinese (and not only).

  • -  (in English) Better Chinese, Learning Chinese Through Stories - a publisher of Chinese language learning materials.