Making a rainstick

Few weeks ago Ania had to prepare an instrument for her music class (Mama Mia 親子館). The instrument was supposed to imitate the sound of rain, wind or thunder. I figured that it would be nice to make an instument first "invented" by Aztecs - the rainstick (or something that would resemble it).
The big brother, Jaś, was a great help.

What is needed to make a rainstick:
  • a tube (we used one for storing pictures)
  • nails
  • beans/peas or other small grains
  • colored tape + stickers to decorate
  • hammer

I made small dots on the tube so the nails
would be placed at equal distances.

Placing the nails in was a task for Jas.

This is how the tube looks like after the nails are nailed through.

Ania is adding stickers after the tube was covered with colored tape.

When the tube has been decorated, remember to seel one end well.
Now your rain stick is ready to be filled - pour some small grains in and after closing the other end, move your rainstick slowly in the upright position - up and down - and listen to the rain.

The rain stick is ready to play!