Getting ready for new school year

I don't know about you, but every summer I like to go over the books and school materials and get everything ready for the coming school year.

I don't necessary take everything down from the shelves and out of cabinets every year, but this year I've decided to go through everything thoroughly.

It took me two and a half days and now the classroom is ready for the kids and another year of homeschooling. This year is also first time in many years that I am not ordering any new homeschool curricula. I decided to teach with whatever materials we have plus the things that I can find on the Internet. And besides we already have 8 years of Sonlight curriculum!

While going through all the books, papers, materials, games, I found some things to give away. There are a few books that my kids have never even opened (most of them in Chinese).

How about you? How often do you go through all the homeschool (or school) books and materials?

Below you can see how our classroom looks like after the big clean up:

Almost all our books, workbooks and textbooks are on these 20 shelves.
Below, behind the cabinet doors, are some art materials,
teaching materials that will be used later and new stationaries.

Zosia's desk with (a very old) computer and printer
+ shelves with her books and books about Taiwan.

Shelves with work for Ania - Montessori Sequin Boards,
Metal Insets and other teaching materials made by me +
many big floor puzzles.

View outside the window and Jas' science projects.

Practical Life materials for Ania.

More Montessori materials for Ania -
Brown Stairs, Cylinders
and Pink Tower (in the purple box).
Above "First Discovery Books" and Tintin comics.

Painting and drawing corner.

Cabinets with big kids puzzles and games
and also some more work for Ania
and books about art.

More games, more puzzles for everyone
and story books
that should be read in the coming school year.

What do you think about our classroom? Do you have any suggestions?
In kids' rooms there are many more books to read :-) .


  1. I love it!!!!! I wish to have classroom like that!!!

    1. Nina, it's nothing special - just a lot of books :-) And we are lucky to have a spare room that we can use as a classroom. The room next to the classroom, where all the games are, also serves as a living room/guest room.


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