Practical Life VI - Polishing silver

Last week I've introduced a new Practical Life exercise:
polishing silver

  • a dish with silver polishing paste (or good old plain toothpaste)
  • a small cloth
  • a small tarnished silver object (fork, spoon, ring)
All the materials should be placed on a tray:

The objective of this exercise is of course to clean the silver :-)
Show the child how to dip the cloth in polishing paste (ours was very soft) and how to rub it onto the object that needs cleaning. The child may need to rub really hard to get the stubborn tarnish off. Show him that he needs to work on the whole object not only on one part and that he may need to reapply the paste onto the cloth or even change the cloth if it becomes too dirty.

After the object is cleaned, remember to wash it in warm soapy water and dry it with a tea towel. 

The big brother LOVES polishing silver
so he just HAD TO help
Before and after


  1. Czekaj, czekaj... czy to się nie nazywa "wyzysk"? ;-) Pozdrawiam i gratuluję kolejnego połączenia odkrywczego (dla Ani) z pożytecznym.

    1. Jak zwał tak zwał :-) - następne ćwiczenie - pastowanie butów tatusia ;-)

  2. Rewelacja :) Jeśli to wyzysk, to przyznam się, że i ja go stosuję... :D


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