Ania's week at Babel School

More and more often people ask me how do I homeschool a three year old. 
What does a three year old do at home?
Let's take a look at Ania's week, here are some of the things he was busy with:

Making bubbles - it's a favorite of all the kids.

I also use play-dough as a material for teaching letter shapes.
This is first time Ania rolled the play-dough to write her name.

Time for math - it was Ania's idea
to combine two different math works.

Polishing silver is also one of the favorites.

After polishing the silvers it's time to set the table. :-)

Working with so called Montessori Metal Insets is important
in developing the correct pencil grip as well as
good control over the pencil (drawing parallel lines).

Very often Ania takes a piece of paper, rolls it into a tube
and looks through it. That gave me an idea to make with her
binoculars out of toilet roll paper tubes. Now she carries them
all over house and looks through them at different things.

Doing puzzles is also one of Ania'a favorite activities.

A bit harder is the number puzzle.
Ania still needs some help with this one.

Transferring sand with a spoon
is a Montessori Practical Life exercise.

Another Montessori Practical Life exercise
- transferring beads with tweezers.

We also find time to go out for a walk
every day.

These are just a few of the exercises Ania has done during the past week. Every day she chooses 3-4 different math exercises, plays play-dough or sand, does some practical life and sensorial exercises, draws or paints, plays with her brother etc. It's simply impossible to take photos of all the work she does :-) .


  1. super zabawy i przy okazji rozwój :) Ania cudna!

  2. Adorable girl! Nie mogę się na nią napatrzyć :) Super zabawy!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Oj tak, Mała bardzo szybko się uczy :-)


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