Our family on skis

For the past few years we've been spending one month a year on skis. It all started four years ago with Zosia going for a ski racing training camp in Nozawa, Japan. There were only 6 kids chosen to attend that camp. I joined the group as a helper. Back then Zosia was in 5th grade (11 years old), other kids were also around that age. Every day they trained going through gates from morning till evening. At night they trained with Japanese kids in bitter cold temperatures. Zosia did not enjoy the camp much, but she did learn quite a bit.

The following year we followed our long time friend, Nozomi, to Myoko. We stayed there only for a wee, but fell in live with the small Japanese village and the skiing conditions which it offered. That's why two years ago we spent a whole month in Myoko. We were lucky enough to have a whole pension all to ourselves. Of course this meant that we needed to shovel the snow twice a day just to get in and out of the house. Throughout the whole month we had only two days without snowfall! Thanks to the instructors from Myoko Snowsports, Zosia and Jas have improved their skiing skills greatly. We all had a wonderful time.

Last year was a bit different, we ended up skiing in Quebec, Canada instead of Japan. You can read about it here. In short - Zosia received her Level 1 ski instructors certificate and Jas ... broke his arm. Skiing at Mt. St. Anne was completely different to skiing in Myoko - not only the temperature was dropping way below -15C, but the snow was much harder and icy. In Myoko we get so much powder that one has to use completely different technique to ski efficiently.

This year we are back in Myoko. We will be staying here for 25 days (a week has passed already). Today we are taking it easy, meaning staying indoors as it's snowing really hard outside. (Zosia is still out and about.)
For the first time our friends, another homeschooling family from Taiwan, joined us for a week of skiing. In the mornings kids had skiing lessons according to their levels and in the afternoons they skied together. In the evenings they played cards together and the adults could chat. It was really nice to have friends over.