Kids and TV

Only in Taiwan (and maybe other small countries) can normal kids get a chance to appear on TV. I know that some of you may say that my kids have been on TV quite often and their faces are recognisable, but when they started their TV adventure they were ... just a couple of young homeschooled children, without any experience in front of the camera.

How did it all start? Few years ago, when Zosia was 9 and Jas 4 years old we met by chance the Public TV team filming a popular children's program 下課花路米 Follow me, go!. Tim talked for a few minutes to the director and gave him his contact number. Few days later TV called back asking some more questions about our homeschooling adventure. And that's how it all started ...

Later there were interviews, more interviews, never ending interviews ...

Two and a half years ago kids were asked to take part in another Public TV children's program:

In the beginning of 2012, after Zosia and her friends made a short documentary for International Children's Film Festival, the media started to pay attention to Zosia as an ice-skater and a ... future film maker. Again there were a few TV interviews:

Last year, after our book 我家就是國際學校 has been published, we started accepting invitations for TV talk shows. There were quite a few of them, but I am going to mention only the most popular one - 爸媽囧很大 also on Public TV.

Later in the year Zosia was asked to take part in the new TV travel program, 探索ING. In December she went to the mining town in Northern Taiwan to film one of the episodes. It was first time that she was one of the program's hosts.

Jas doesn't want to stay behind his sister and wants to appear more on TV too. That's why just two weeks ago he went for two days of filming of a children's program for Cartoon Network 食向小玩家.

Tim has had more TV appearances than the rest of the family put together. I try to stay out of the whole TV business, but it's not always possible. Just this week they will be showing a full blown 1-hour long documentary about me - a foreign wife and mom in Taiwan ... No comments ...