New Year 2013 is here!

We've never made any New Year's resolutions before, but this year I talked to the kids about it and here is what they came up with:

- Zosia wants to:
  • spend more time editing her films
  • learn how to snowboard better
  • learn to ski well in powder snow
  • spend less time searching Internet for silly stuff
  • write her blog more often
  • post more photos to Flickr
  • take one photo a week for the Flickr photo challenge
- Jas wants to:
  • read at least one book a week
  • write one postcard a month to the Grandparents
  • make dinner for the family at least twice a month
  •  learn how to type (in Chinese)
And how about me? I just hope to have more patience and time for the kids, play more board games with them, read more (by myself and to the kids) and do some more scrapbooking and cross-stitching.
I guess all this means I need to manage my TIME better (sleep less?).