What we've learned today ...

Today only Jas and I were at home, he didn't even have any additional classes outside. This means that we've spent whole day working on our homeschooling lessons.

Let me share with you what we have done throughout the day.

Jas started the day with a math lesson -
- multiplication problems.
This is our science book from which
we get ideas for many of the experiments.

Making a switch for an electric circuit.

Jas' on/off switch at work - lampion.

After all the work with circuits, switches and electricity it was time for a few more math problems - long multiplication revision.
Throughout the day we've been observing the sky and the clouds as Jas is learning about different kinds of clouds from the DK Eye Wonder book Weather.

It was a very good day to observe the clouds -
- as the weather was changing so were the clouds.
After lunch it was time for Polish - we read two legends - Złota Kaczka and Smok Wawelski and Jas answered some question about them in the workbook. He has also read a few poems in Polish to me.

After walking the dog (in rain) Jas has put some final touches to the lapbook about monkeys he's been working on for the past two weeks. I will share more photos of the lapbook in a later post.

Later it was time to practice writing Chinese characters as well as playing  piano and saxophone. 

He has finished all that before Tim and Zosia got back home with dinner.

Now he is playing his favourite computer game from Knowledge Adventure.

Don't you think we've had a very productive day? Wish all the days were like that ...


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