Trip down south (day 2)

After some homework over a delicious breakfast it was time to continue our journey down the coast.

The after-breakfast fruit platter

Rain, rain, rain - that was the weather throughout our drive on coastal 'highway' no.11. On the way we stopped at Joki , an impressive art gallery/restaurant. The wood carving were really amazing.

After lunch we kept on driving and driving. The rain has stopped right in time for us to take a walk in Little Yehliu 小野柳 near Taitung 台東. We had wonderful time walking on the rocks, taking pictures and watching the waves crashing on the rocky shore.

We arrived in Taidung and after checking out the Naruwan Hotel 娜路彎大酒店we drove down to  the Green House 卑南休閒農場綠茵小筑民宿. Of course the kids wanted to stay at the 'real hotel' with swimming pool, spa, play area, restaurants, but we decided on a cheaper and more simple place - the Green House was just right for us.

Too bad the weather was wet, we could not make much use of the beautiful green lawn infront of the house. Btw, it is a great place to organise a homeschooling group off-site.
In the evening we met with some friends who showed us where to have the best burger in town.

The burger kids loved!


 We also visited a Children's House 阿尼色弗兒童之家 in Taitung where our American friends work. It's amazing what a wonderful work they do to help all those kids in need, those who don't have their own safe place to call home.