Christmas in Canada

We are spending Christmas at my grand uncle's house in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Our arrival was pretty late due to the traffic jam in Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa. Before arriving in Ottawa we stayed two nights in Toronto and one night in Mont-St-Anne, in Quebec.
Just after we arrived, we watched Cars 2 on a humongous screen in the basement.

Next day we went for a snowy walk in a beautiful forest nearby. We walked on a straight path that used to be a railroad and now is a perfect place for walking with a dog or cross country skiing. 

After coming back home, Jas and I decided to stay warm in the house with our grand aunt while Mom and Dad went to Ottawa city with uncle. We ended up playing Monopoly for 6 hours (with some new rules of course).

On the day of Christmas Eve Dad took us to the Museum of Civilization. It is a great museum with a very cool architecture. In the museum we went to see the Canada Hall and an exhibit about Arctic explorations. Everything was made to look like real, both Jas and I enjoyed it very much.

In the evening we had a traditional Christams Eve dinner. For the first time I met my Mom's cousin, Bartek, his girlfriend, Lisanne and son Max who is just 3.5 years old. Aunt Mira made lots of delicious Polish Christmas dishes. After eating a bit it was time to open presents. Both Jas and I revceived some clothes, books and some Canadian souvenirs. I've already finished reading the books :-)

On the Christmas day we went for a Mass to the Notre Dame Cathedral. The church was very big but it was packed, there were so many people. After getting back home Jas and I went sledding on a tiny hill behind the house - it was fun!

Boxing Day, that's how second day of Christamas is called, we went shopping and it was NOT a good idea. Because of the sales everybody else went shopping too - there were so many people everywhere that it was even hard to find a parking space.
In the evening more guests came over to Aunt and Uncle's place. Jas and I hid in the basement to watch movies. We watched "Hoodwinked" and "Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil"

And that was our Christmas in Ottawa!

by Zosia C-W


  1. Twoje święta Bożego Narodzenia wydają się być baaaardzo ciekawe i urozmaicone. Trochę Ci zazdroszczę tego rodzinnego świętowania. Może uda się kiedyś powtórzyć je w Warszawie! Na razie życzę miłych dalszych wspomnień w kanadzie. Oby tylko mróz za bardzo Wam nie dokuczył.
    Babcia M.

  2. Pięknie piszesz Zosiu i bardzo ciekawie. Brawo!


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